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When you need a surveyor, you want to be confident that it's done right. Whether you're building a fence, have a lot line dispute, or want to add on, remodel or sell a home, an accurate survey is an important foundation to your project.


Developers, landowners, real estate agents, attorneys, municipalities and construction managers know the importance of an accurate and reliable surveyor to get their project done on time and on budget. They count on Lake Country Engineering to provide the service and technical know-how to get it done right.


Why is a new survey important for a real estate transaction?

An old survey is certified to the seller, not to the buyer. A new survey should be conducted and certified to the buyer. The new survey will locate existing improvements (including any new ones since the old survey), easements, and identify any encroachments over the lot lines (driveways, fences, buildings, etc). Optional items to consider adding to the survey are setting lot corner irons, marking lot lines, and identifying areas within the flood plain.

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Land Surveying and Construction Staking
ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys


As-built Surveys


Boundary or Property surveys


Plat of Surveys

Certified Survey Maps

Easement staking

Establish existing site elevations

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

Footing Certifications

Foundation Certifications

House / Building stakeouts

Land descriptions

Lot line locations and Lot corner locations

Plot Plans



Tree location


Site Development
Commercial Development

Conceptual Plans

Condominium Plats

Land Development – residential and commercial

Land Use Plans

Preliminary Plats

Subdivision Design

Subdivision Plats



Civil Engineering
Erosion Control Design/Plans

Grading Plans

Road Design

Sanitary Sewer Design

Soil Erosion Inspection

Storm Sewer Design

Stormwater Analysis

Stormwater Basin Design

Stormwater Management


Stormwater Management Plans

Water Main Design


Municipal Services
Civil Engineering services

Municipal Boundary Maps


Rezoning Maps

Surveying services




Attend and/or present projects at private/public meetings

Construction Management

Expert testimony / Court testimony


Permitting Process –
Municipal, County, DNR, State

Project Management


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